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Scribblism: The Art and Practice of the Scribble

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Scribble Sessions Touring Schedule
When Where
07 JanSun1-5pmHideout Coffee Bar & Theatre Austin, TX
11 JanThu7-9pmGreen Muse Cafe Austin, TX
14 JanSun1-5pmHideout Coffee Bar & Theatre Austin, TX
Come see the artist create works of art from your scribbles!
!0 - 15 minute sessions are only 10 bucks.

The Scribble Arts

the Scribble
as Divination Tool

the Scribble
as Art

the Scribble
as Therapy

the Scribble
as Fun!

the Scribble as
Measuring Device

"Scribblism", "Art and Practice of the Scribble" as well as "What do your scribbles reveal?" are all Copyright of Ismael Cavazos 2002 - 2006
Whether they are your scribbles, your friends' scribbles, or your favorite celebrity's scribble,
contact the artist to acquire a one of a kind art where you are co-creator!

29/Dec/06 : Fri
8:03 am CST


Won't you be a friend?

   the Scribble as Divination Tool:
(1)Tea leaf Reading has Tasseography, Scribble Reading has Scrybblism™!
(2)Scribble Stones™. Got a question? Need insight? Pull out your Scribble Stone - the answer will be in the scribbles - simply, read between the lines!!

   the Scribble as Art:
(1)My Scribbles
(2)Collaborative Scribbles
+Your Scribbles
+DNA Series
(a)Both Parents' Scribbles
(b)Four Grand Parents' Scribbles
+Celebrity Scribbles™
(a)Frankie Faison
(b)Dr. James Polk
(c)Chris Moreno
(d)Lance Armstrong newly acquired!!
(d)Jack Blood newly acquired!!
(3)As Entertainment / Performance : Give Sir Scribbles a call - Scribble Collaborations are great for parties and special events or see the artist at work at the Scribble Sessions where one can get a Scribble Reading for 10 bucks.
(4)3-D Sculptures
(5)As a Design Element

   the Scribble as Therapy:
(1)Utilizing the Scribble Arts allows for introspection. Refer to Rorscach and his Inkblots!

   the Scribble as Fun!:
(1)Scribbles N Bits : Puzzle Series
+Color by Number
+I. C. U. C.
(2)Senor Scribbles™ aka Action Figure-ish™. Turn on this crouched version of the artist Cavazos with pen in hand and set it down on top of a sheet of paper. In seconds you will have a one-of-a-kind original scribble by the artist!

   the Scribble as Measuring Device:
(1)Think Richter Scale here. Witnessing an amazement moment in history? Falling Asleep? Riding a roller coaster? Dying? Scribble to record it!

Art In A Nutshell: Would you like to take a class on the subject of Abstract Extractionism? I now teach classes at the Art Pad here in Austin. The class covers everything from the Makapansgat Pebble to a Microsoft Engineer's usage of inkblots in a password encryption program. Learn the skills of Scribblism - the art and practice of the scribble. Along with Scribble Reading one will also leave with a skill for seeing amazing imagery in the meat of the peanut. As the inventor of peanut carving and the Old Man in the Peanut, your peanut sculptures will benefit from instruction from the original, as you carve your own legumes for your peanut gallery! Keeping Austin Nutty since 1993, Ismael Cavazos (the new american carver). Here's the description from Art Pad Studio.Com:

AGES 6 to 8
Summer 2008

Instructor, Ismael Cavazos

Can you scribble? Have you ever seen clouds come alive with imagery? Then you possess the hand and eye of an artist! Austin artist, ISMAEL CAVAZOS, will lead this class in an exploration of Abstract Extractionism, the discovery of images in scribbles and the patterns of natural objects like clouds and wood grain. Each day will feature a unique art form; inkblots, scribbles, and even peanuts; taking a look at the history of Abstract Extractionism, and learning techniques to transform these visions into art.

Five Days ..... $170
+ $20 materials fee


Good Luck Waking Up:
Constitution for these united States
Project Censored
Deliberate Dumbing Down
Black Box Voting
Taxable Income
Drafted into Slavery
Herbal Healer
The Memory Hole
Republic Broadcasting Network
Freedom Force International
Freedom Force International

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Selected Works:

31/Jan/05 : Mon
7:00 pm CST
NEW! A fully operational coming soon!

25/Jan/05 : Tue
6:00 am CST
Update to scrolling banner above.

19/08/04 : Thur
2:38 pm CST
The West 6th Street Artist's Market is a streetside marketplace featuring independent artists from Central Texas - next door to Mother Egan's. I will be there this Saturday, the 21st, from 10 - 6. Come buy some art and talk to the artists!
NOTE: I no longer have artwork at the 23rd Street Renaissance Market. Despite not renewing my license, I'm still listed as a member on their website. I worked this market, across from the University of Texas, from October 2002 to Oct. 2003.

09/08/04 : Fri
10:24 pm CST
Come see my artwork at...
Sullivan's Pamper Me Pink Luncheon
August 8, 2004
11am - 3pm
ismael cavazos and the art and practice of the scribble A portion of the proceeds benefit the State and Paramount Theaters
Enjoy an afternoon of lunch, spirits, pampering, shopping, & live music. Lunch, cosmos, wine, & mimosas will be served along with manicures, chair massages, hair styling, jewelry, acupuncture, make-up, handbags, accessories, gift ideas, spa products, and much more. There will also be a raffle for over 50 gifts and gift certificates.
ADVANCE TICKETS $35 (Tickets at the door will be $40)
Your ticket includes lunch, cosmos, wine, mimosas, and an entry in the raffle for all those great prizes and gift certificates. The raffle of 50+ prizes alone is worth the price of admission. There will be donated prizes of hotel stays, meals at restaurants, spa facials, all kinds of great things.
For Tickets & Information, please call: Sherry Joseph @ 512-474-1862

24/07/04 : Sat
10:24 pm CST
painting, painting, painting . . .

02/07/04 : Fri
5:04 pm CST
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I have this artist's link elsewhere on this site but wanted to highlight his work today: Mack White

3:55 pm CST
Called in to Jack Blood's show, Deadline Live. Today was his last show from up North - he's moving to Austin to work at the Republic Broadcasting Network.

30/06/04 : Tues
6:08 pm CST
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5:18 pm CST
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Abstract Extractionism

Abstract Extractionism is the Recognition of an image, scene or other abstraction in Abstraction and the subsequent Extraction of it, utilizing the Cavazos Method.

The Cavazos Method:
1: ABSTRACTION: Begin with an object that will be used for inspiration (Matrix). This can be anything abstract OR abstracted.
2: RECOGNITION: The artist's Recognition can vary from Replica to Abstraction.
3: PRESERVATION: Depending on the amount of Extraction that will take place, the artist should Preserve the Matrix before Extracting the Recognition; keeping in mind the Presentation when considering Preservation.
4: EXTRACTION: From sculpting away, to merely pointing it out, the artist coax's the suggestion from the Matrix.
5: PRESENTATION: Exhibition of the Abstract (Matrix) and Extraction varies greatly and can be anything from a simple side-by-side presentation to elaborate viewer interactivity that reveals the Extraction.

Abstract Extractionism is a Trademark of Ismael Cavazos.


Ismael Cavazos and his Celebrity Scribbles

Scribble Art

Man In The Peanut

Pareidolia phenomena

Fred Ressler

Carla Dennis

Old Man in the Mt.

Lloyd Stewart Carpenter

Rob Nye

Car Face

Diana Duyser

Phil Plait

Ella Huffin
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Juan Pastrano


Tea Leaf Reading

Hermann Rorschach

Cypress Knees

Alexander Cozens

Louis Brassard

H. W. Janson

George Brecht

I've got a new domain: Pareidolia.US!

Past attempts at defining Abstract Extractionism:

Past definitions have a bias either towards chance/random or destiny/divinely ordained

Steven Goldstein's Pareidolia
invented 1994


Chance Images

Referred to, but missused vocabulary:


hand-carved peanuts scalpel peanut art peanut arts carved peanuts carving peanuts the peanut carver having scribbled all my life unique scribbles one of a kind scribble scribbles scribbled scribblist the scribbler senor scribbles sir scribbles scribblettes scibbling scrib scribs scrybble scrybblism scribble scribble theory scribster scribblesnbits celebrity scribbler celebrity scribbling celebrity scribbled scribble art scribble artist scribbling mad scribble afficionado master of scribbles scribblesandsplots scribbles-n-bits scribbles n bits scribbles&bits scribblesnbits scribbles'n'bits scribbles 'n' bits scribbles n' bits celebrity scribble celebrity scribbles scribblesandsplot scribbleandsplots scribbleandsplot Scribbles are the base for all drawings. scribbles and splots scribbles and splot scribble and splots scribble and splot scribbles & splots scribbles & splot scribble & splots scribble & splot scribbles&splots scribbles&splot scribble&splots scribble&splot scribble arts scribblearts scribbleart scratches and scribbles scratchesandscribbles scratches 'n' scribbles scratches n scribbles scratchesnscribbles scratches&scribbles the scribble arts scribble honey intuitive scribble scribble matching a quibble about scribbles scribble gallery scribble museum scribble arts festival scribble and scribe scribble therapy scribble therapies "scribble art" scribble jams the art of scribble the monogram scribbles scribble routine scribble scribble scribble the scribble festival the scribble fest scribblefest scribblefestival scribble drawings scribble illustrations scrible scribbble scriblle scribblle scribbl aimless scribble casual scribble discarded scribble the scribble club scribble art style technique scribblez scribblz scribble scrimmage scribble shop scribble hut scribble house squiggle art squiggle scribblessquiggles scribblesquiggle scribblessquiggles scribblesquiggle squigglism squiggler squiggling squiggled to doodle is to scribble scribble clouds drip paintings jack the dripper jackson pollock from scribbles to drips to peanut art Phenomenology of Therapeutic Art Winnicott¹s ³squiggle.² Celebrity: Scribble Art Gallery Friends: Scribble Art Gallery the Walden School also offered Naumburg with an opportunity to blend those ideas with Freudian psychoanalytic theory (particularly in relation to the understanding of the unconscious dimension) and with psychotherapy (particularly art therapy). Those who have read Austin Osman Spare will realise there is much in common between automatic drawing and sigil creation, which is why a true automatic drawing can be talismanic. Florence Cane Austin Osman Spare : Notes on Automatic Drawing I'd offer the art to the girl and her mr. Scribbles just isn't their thing! Clients: Scribble Art Gallery My: Scribble Art Gallery Your: Scribble Art Gallery Starts with a Scribble Ends in an Art! See Me use a scribble from YOU and turn it into an original, one of a kind, piece of art for you to keep and enjoy! Understanding Chaos Magic Creative Chaos Celebrity Scribble Art! Abstract Art by Artist Ismael with exclusive and collectable celebrity abstract scribbles and autographs. Celebrity artist and entertainers are all here! The photographic images magically induce themselves to the decalcomanias and vice versa. It is all rather by chance encounter and the exercise is a sort of re-suggestion of that which Max Ernst and Hans Bellmer achieved through more traditional Decalcomania process first introduced by Oscar Dominguez. Parsemage is a surrealist and automatic method in the visual arts invented by Ithell Colquhoun in which dust from charcoal or colored chalk is scattered on the surface of water and then skimmed off by passing a stiff paper or cardboard just under the water's surface.
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